Blondie Meets the Boss

Blondie Meets the Boss is a 1939 American comedy film directed by Frank R. Strayer and starring Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake.


A frustrated Dagwood resigns his office job, but Blondie is fortunately able to take over his position. Dagwood leaves their toddler unattended at home to go on a short fishing trip with a friend at a cabin, and is uneasy and skittish when he finds his friend has brought along two attractive young women. Adding to the chaos, after Dagwood returns home, Blondie's sister and her boyfriend come to stay with them in order to enter a jitterbug championship at the nightclub Mr. Dithers needs for a building project. Dagwood, on short notice, substitutes in the dance contest after his sister-in-law's boyfriend backs out, and performs amazing acrobatic dance steps. A jealous Blondie, seeing pictures of the fishing trip, packs her bags with the intention of leaving Dagwood, but changes her mind. In the confusion, they neglect to buy Mr. Dithers the nightclub, which actually turns out to be fortuitous.

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    director Frank R. Strayer
    editor Gene Havlick
    genre comedy
    keywords amaze build fishing trip office job young women
    musicBy Leigh Harline
    producer Robert Sparks
    productionCompany King Features Syndicate
    publisher Columbia Pictures