Ai Chang Cai Hui Ying 爱唱才会赢

Ai Chang Cai Hui Ying (Simplified Chinese: 爱唱才会赢, literally translated as "only those who love to sing will win") is a charity game show produced by Zhejiang Television. It was premiered on November 15, 2008 and ended on October 31, 2010. The hosts were Chen Huan (陈欢), Tian Yue (天悅), Zuo Yan (左岩) and Huang Ziwen (黄子文) as of the last episode. Former hosts include Hua Shao (华少), Zhu Dan (朱丹) and Shen Tao (沈涛). The format of an internationally famous game show Deal or No Deal was adapted for the first 16 episodes (except for episode 13) of the show.


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    publisher Zhejiang Television