Serf is a 2019 Russian comedy film directed by Klim Shipenko, the film stars Miloš Biković, Aleksandra Bortich and Ivan Okhlobystin. The plot follows a wealthy businessman's son who is made to believe he has traveled back to the time of Serfdom in Russia, in order to reform his uncouth behaviour.


Grigoriy, called Grisha (Milos Bikovic) is the son of the oligarch Pavel (Aleksandr Samoylenko), a spoiled, exalted guy who spends almost all the time in night clubs, loves women and enjoys full immunity. After Grisha nearly had an accident as a result of an accident, trying to get away from the traffic cop, Pavel was surprised to realize that he could lose his son by losing his wife in the past. Grisha lives with full confidence and confidence that his father will save him from any crime. The oligarch is desperate to find a way to influence his son for the better. TV producer Anastasiya (Mariya Mironova), with whom Pavel has long been in a relationship based on sex, invites him to contact her ex-husband, an eccentric psychologist, whose unusual methods may seem cruel and shocking, but almost always give a guaranteed result.