Jackson County Jail

Jackson County Jail is a 1976 American exploitation crime thriller film from 1976 directed by Michael Miller, starring Yvette Mimieux, Tommy Lee Jones, and Robert Carradine.


Dinah Hunter (Yvette Mimieux) is an advertising executive living in Los Angeles who quits her job after arguing with a client and comes home to find her boyfriend in the swimming pool with another woman. Sick of his constant philandering, she calls a friend and gets her old job back in New York City. Driving cross-country from Los Angeles, Dinah picks up a young man, named Bobby Ray (Robert Carradine), and his pregnant girlfriend Lola (Nancy Lee Noble). That night, Bobby Ray and Lola rob Dinah and steal her car and purse. Dinah walks into an empty bar and asks Dan Oldum, the bartender, to use his phone to call the police to report the robbery, but the barman attempts to rape her, and after she defends herself, a policeman, named Deputy Burt, arrives and Oldum lies by telling him that Dinah attacked him. With no money or identification on her, the policeman believes Oldum and arrests Dinah and takes her to the Jackson County jail.