Cold Deck is a 2015 Canadian thriller film directed by Zack Bernbaum, written by Stéfano Gallo, Jason LaPeyre, Slater Jewell-Kempker, and starring Gallo, Robert Knepper, and Paul Sorvino. Gallo plays a compulsive gambler who, after a losing streak, accepts an offer by a local underworld figure (Sorvino) to rob a high stakes poker game hosted by a rich banker (Knepper).


Bobby, a compulsive gambler, lives with his invalid mother, Audrey, who disapproves of his gambling habit, as gambling was his father's ruin. Bobby dates Kim, a waitress at Chips' gaming hall, where he spends most of his time in poker games. As Audrey's bills pile up and Bobby's losing streak continues, Bobby's friend Ben suggests Bobby enter a high stakes poker game he has heard about and share the winnings. Convinced that the bankers will be easy prey, they steal a car to raise enough money for the buy-in. When this is not enough, Bobby steals his mother's life savings.