Bhookailas is a 1940 Telugu film produced by A. V. Meiyappan and directed by Sundar Rao Nadkarni. The film starred Subbaiah Naidu, R. Nagendra Rao, and Rayaprolu Subramanyam. It was the first hit film after the establishment of AVM Productions.


Demon King Ravana (Subbaiah Naidu) decides to invade Amaravati, the capital of the heavenly kingdom of Indra. Scared of Ravana's plans, Indra asks Narada (R. Nagendra Rao) for help. Narada informs Indra that Ravana's strength comes from the worship performed by Kaikasi (Parvathi Bai), Ravana's mother. He suggests that Indra sabotage Ravana's mother's worship of Saikatha Lingam, a sand sculpture representation of Lord Siva (Rayaprolu Subramanyam).