Music Is Magic

Music Is Magic

Music Is Magic is a 1935 Fox musical film directed by George Marshall. The movie stars Alice Faye and Bebe Daniels and is based on a play by Jesse Lasky Jr. and Gladys Unger. The movie was Daniels' last American screen appearance.


Diane De Valle (Bebe Daniels) is an aging theatre actress who can't deal with getting older. Trying to hide it, she has to come to terms she is being replaced by a younger actress. She has to defeat the much younger Peggy Harper (Alice Faye) for a role of a young woman in an upcoming stage production.

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    director George Marshall
    editor Alex Troffey
    keywords stage production young woman
    musicBy Oscar Levant
    producer John Stone
    productionCompany Fox Film
    publisher 20th Century Fox
    theme musical