Couple-ish is a Canadian LGBTQ+ web series created by K Alexander, who stars alongside Mercedes Morris and Sharon Belle. The series revolves around Dee Warson, a non-binary artist, who is looking for a new roommate with the help of their sister, Amy Warson. Soon they are entangled in a government conspiracy so that their new roommate, Rachel Mannt, isn't forced to leave the country. The first episode aired December 9, 2015 with new episodes posted twice a week. Season one is made up of 22 episodes and the season finale was posted on March 9, 2016. Season two, consisting of 22 episodes, premiered on April 29, 2017 and concluded on September 17, 2017.


The series begins with Dee Warson stressing out over their apartment which they cannot afford to pay rent for alone, having just lost the person who was helping with bills. Their sister, Amy Warson, suggests they get a roommate and after a little convincing, they interview several candidates. One being Rachel Mannt, an English woman who moved to Canada to attend university, who seems to meet the criteria they're looking for.