Duck Amuck

Duck Amuck is a 1953 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones. The cartoon was released on February 28, 1953, and stars Daffy Duck.


The cartoon's title sequence and opening scene suggest Daffy Duck is to star as a musketeer, and he appears, boldly engaging in an action scene with a fencing foil. As he thrusts the foil and advances, the background abruptly disappears, leaving a plain white screen. Confused by this, Daffy turns to the animator and asks them to complete the scenery. However, instead of a castle from the original scene, the animator paints a farm scene. Daffy returns and starts to repeat his musketeer opening, but quickly notices the different background. He walks off screen and returns dressed as a farmer, while singing a version of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", but a few seconds later, the scene segues into an Arctic backdrop; Daffy changes into winter clothes and skies through the snow (to "Jingle Bells") and into a Hawaiian setting. Still dutifully, but impatiently, going through the changes, Daffy returns in Hawaiian garb. After a couple of bars of "Aloha ʻOe (Farewell To Thee)" on ukulele, Daffy ends up back in the plain white background.