Nanbanin Kadhali

Nanbanin Kadhali ( Friend's lover) is a 2007 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film written and directed by G. Kicha, starring Vikramaditya, Kunal, Shivani Singh and Vinu Chakravarthy. The film had been shot and completed in 2005 under the title Cleopatra, but only released in 2007. The film is inspired from Telugu film Nee Premakai. This is Kunal's last film before his death in 2008.


Jeeva (Vikramaditya Shukla) who takes up residence in Sujata (Suji) (Shivani Singh)'s neighbourhood, falls for her ample charms. Jeeva's attempts to woo Suji misfires, landing him on the wrong side of her father (Vinu Chakravarthy), a retired military man. Enters into the scene Surya (Kunal). Surya's smooth talking ways and pleasing manners charm Suji and her family. In the game of one-upmanship and misunderstandings, who finally gets the girl forms the finale.


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    director Kicha
    genre drama
    keywords game kunal kunal singh land misunderstand one-upmanship retire talk vinu chakravarthy
    musicBy Deva
    producer Dharani, Nanda Raguram
    productionCompany Sri Movie Makers
    theme romantic drama