The Grocer's Son

The Grocer's Son (French : Le Fils de l'épicier) is a 2007 French drama film about a family that runs a grocery business in Provence, France; the business includes a single truck that travels the countryside making deliveries to customers. The director, Éric Guirado, had previously made television documentaries about traveling grocers in rural France. The film, released in France as Le Fils de l'épicier, was first presented as part of the 2007 Namur Francophone Film Festival. It was sufficiently successful that in 2008 subtitled versions were released internationally.

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    director Éric Guirado
    editor Pierre Haberer
    genre drama
    musicBy Christophe Boutin
    producer Gilles Sacuto Milena Poylo
    recordedAt Lyon