Dying to Remember

Dying to Remember is a 1993 American made-for-television thriller drama film directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman and starring Melissa Gilbert and Ted Shackelford.


Lynn Matthews (Melissa Gilbert) is a Manhattan-based successful clothing designer who has recurring nightmares of a woman (Kat Green) falling down an elevator shaft. She decides to visit Dr. James Portman (Jay Robinson) and undergoes hypnotherapy, during which she learns that the woman falling is Lynn herself in her previous life, pushed down the shaft by a man in San Francisco in 1963. The nightmares cause her to start slacking at work, and her boss Denise (Babz Chula) forces her to take a six-week vacation to recover. She decides to take the time off to travel to San Francisco and find out who the lady in her dreams is. She locates the building quickly and the same night learns in her dream that the woman is named Mary Ann.