Beti (also known as A Girl Child) is a 2018 Kannada-language Indian drama film directed by P. Sheshadri. The story was written by Bolwar Mahammad Kunhi and screenplay by P. Sheshadri. The film was produced by Basant Kumar Patil.


The story follows a Beary family in coastal Karnataka consisting of a father, mother and their mute daughter named Julekha who they marry off to a man named Sulaiman. Within a few months of their wedding, Sulaiman leaves to Dubai for work and Julekha gives birth to a girl child despite Sulaiman wanting only a boy child. Fearing the manner in which Sulaiman would react, Julekha's parents conceal this fact from Sulaiman and inform him that a boy child has been born. But when Sulaiman decides to return to India after five years and see his child for the first time, the family is thrown into disarray.