Solla Marandha Kadhai

Solla Marandha Kadhai

Solla Marandha Kadhai is a 2002 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by Thangar Bachan. The film stars Cheran and Rathi. It is based on Nanjil Nadan's novel Thalaikeezh Vigithangal. The film was released on 4 November 2002.


Sivadhanu is the eldest son of a poor family and an educated but unemployed person. He has the responsibility of marrying his sister and taking care of his younger brothers. Chokkalingam notices Sivadhanu one day at the market and inquires Mudhaliar about him. Though being rich he approaches Sivadhanu's family to marry Sivadhanu to his elder daughter Parvathi. Though Sivadhanu does not like the idea of living in Chokkalingam's house after marriage, Mudhaliar convinces Sivadhanu and his family, that his father-in-law is capable of fetching him a job.