Keep It in the Family

Keep It in the Family is a 1973 Canadian sex comedy film starring John Gavin, Patricia Gage, Adrienne La Russa and directed by Larry Kent.


A young couple, Karen Sayers and Alex McDonald (Adrienne La Russa and Alan McRae), are fed up with the disorganized grime of student ghetto living and decide they are ready for their own apartment. When denied financial assistance by their parents, they devise an ingenious plan for revenge: Karen will seduce Alex's father Roy McDonald (John Gavin) and Alex will do the same with Karen's mother Celia Sayers (Patricia Gage). Karen lands a job as Roy's private secretary; she is an instant hit with her boss and soon enough, the two land in a downtown hotel room. Meanwhile, at the Sayers' residence, Alex is hired as the new gardener and diverts his attention to Celia. But all is not well, for Celia feels great remorse and orders him out of the house.