Cantonen Iron Kung Fu

Cantonen Iron Kung Fu

Cantonen Iron Kung Fu is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts film written and directed by Lee Chiu and starring Bryan Leung as historical figure Leung Kwan, who was one of the Ten Tigers of Canton. Aside from starring in the lead role, Leung also worked on planning of the film.


Leung Kwan (Bryan Leung) is a coolie who gets to a fight with worker Yu (Lee Chiu) over a misunderstanding. While their misunderstanding was resolved, they become friends. Meanwhile, a corrupt businessman Black Eagle (Philip Ko) is planning to take over the supply routes. Yu stands up to him and challenges to fight several of his henchmen where he is killed as a result. After seeing this, Leung vows to seek revenge despite his lackluster martial arts skills. Leung then meets Master Lin Tao-hoi (Wong Hap), a merchant and martial arts instructor who becomes Leung's boss and mentor. Black Eagle then kills Lin and Leung's friends. Later, Chen Sun (Wong Chung) a fighter who have been tracking Black Eagle from Northern China for six years, poses as a coolie where he meets Leung, and together, they join forces to take down Black Eagle.


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    contentLocation Guangdong
    director Lee Chiu
    genre action historical
    keywords kill leung kwan misunderstand philip ko plan
    producer Lau Chun-fei Yuen Kam-lum
    productionCompany Chiu Lik Films
    publisher Goldig Films
    theme kung fu martial arts