Rubber Carpet

Rubber Carpet is a 1997 black and white Canadian film directed by John May and starring Jonathan Wilson and Jude Coffey. It received acclaim from audiences at film festivals (such as the Leeds International Film Festival) but failed to find a distribution company. It was filmed in Toronto, Ontario for a very small budget (approximately $10,000 CDN) and released in April, 1997.


Ansel (Wilson) is a wanna-be artist, full-time dishwasher who isn't nearly as good a painter as he thinks he is. When he quits his menial but stable job to pursue his art career, his girlfriend Tallulah (Coffey) is furious. They break up and Ansel spends his days creating horrible art (like a puck floating in urine) and trying to earn government grants.

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    director John May
    keywords create eric clapton float richard sali talk
    musicBy Carlos Lopes
    producer Suzanne Bolch