Leif is a 1987 Swedish comedy film directed by Claes Eriksson and the first to star the members of Galenskaparna och After Shave.


Gunnar Volt (Anders Eriksson), the head of the weapons factory Kanoner & Krut ("Cannons & Gunpowder") in the small community of Rotum plans for the upcoming demonstration of a new weapon called "The Fighting Egg". However, this is interrupted by an article in the local newspaper where the signature Leif claims that the company engaged in the illegal arms trade. The name Rotum spelled backwards is mutor, which is the Swedish word for bribes. When Inspector Mård (Peter Rangmar) and his assistant Nilsson (Jan Rippe), two police officers from Stockholm, comes to the town hell breaks out. At the same time two Iranians arrives to the office to close a deal, when the police knocks at the door. Volt, the deputy directors Max Kroger (Claes Eriksson) and Rambo (Knut Agnred) flees through the window with the Iranians. After stealing some clothes they head to Volt's brother Håkan (Per Fritzell), which operates in the entertainment industry.