Madhanamala is a 1947 Tamil language film starring Sriram, T. R. Rajani, P. B. Rangachari, Vidwan Srinivasan, P. S. Veerappa, R. N. Nambiar, S. R. Janaki, T. S. Jaya, V. Rajalakshmi and V. Kumar. The film was directed by K. Vembu and produced by S. Soundararajan of Tamil Nadu Talkies.


The story revolves around Vikraman, a young man who asks for the celebrated court dancer Madhanamala during celebrations organised by a king who offers a gift to all those present. As a result, the king gets angry and banishes Vikraman from the kingdom. Vikraman, however, still manages to find Madhanamala and they both fall in love. Disguised as a sadhu, Vikraman meets Madhanamala and they spend a night together. Soon, though, Vikraman gets caught. In the end, after some tribulations, Vikraman is reunited with Madhanamala.


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    director K. Vembu
    editor R. Rajagopal
    keywords end sadhu the king young man
    musicBy M. S. Gnanamani
    producer S. Soundararajan
    productionCompany Tamil Nadu Talkies
    publisher Sri Ramanantha Pictures