Cutthroat Island

Cutthroat Island is a 1995 adventure swashbuckler film directed by Renny Harlin and written by Robert King and Marc Norman from a story by Michael Frost Beckner, James Gorman, Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon. It stars Geena Davis, Matthew Modine and Frank Langella. It is a co-production between the United States, France, Germany and Italy.


In 1668 Jamaica, Morgan Adams having escaped a sting operation to capture her with aid of her father's boatswain Mr. Glasspoole and Bowen, hunts down her uncle and fellow pirate Dawg Brown, who has captured her father, Black Harry. Black Harry has one of three pieces of a map to a huge stash of gold on the remote Cutthroat Island. Dawg has another piece, having stolen it from the corpse of a third brother, Richard, while a fourth brother, Mordechai, has the last piece. Harry refuses to give Dawg his piece and escapes with Morgan's help, but not before being mortally wounded by Snelgrave, Dawg's one armed and one eyed first mate. A dying Harry reveals to his daughter the location of the map piece: on his scalp. At the same time in Port Royal, during a ball hosted by its corrupt Governor Ainslee, thief William Shaw is captured by Captain Trotter, having fleeced several guests of their valuables.