The Earthling

The Earthling is a 1980 American-Australian adventure film directed by Peter Collinson, and starring William Holden and Ricky Schroder. It was filmed in Australia in 1979, and was the last to be directed by Collinson before his death the following year.


Patrick Foley is a jaded loner who has been a drifter for much of his life. Discovering he has terminal cancer, he decides to return to the Austrailian outback where he grew up to die in solitude. His plans are interrupted however when ten year old Shawn Dailey's parents die in a horrific accident leaving the boy alone and helpless. Reluctantly, Foley teaches the boy survival and they eventually bond in love before Foley dies and Shawn begins his trek back to civilization.

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    contentLocation Australia
    director Peter Collinson
    editor Nicholas Beauman
    genre adventure drama
    keywords discover terminal cancer
    musicBy Bruce Smeaton
    producer Samuel Z. Arkoff
    publisher Filmways Pictures