The Earthling

The Earthling is a 1980 American-Australian adventure film starring William Holden and Ricky Schroder. It was filmed in Australia in 1979. Peter Collinson directed the film and died after it was released. The film follows an orphan boy and a traveling man surviving in the forest.


Patrick Foley goes to the outback while dying of cancer. He declines medicine and is at peace with his decision to die alone in the wilderness. On his journey, he notices a family camping. 10-year-old boy Shawn Daley discovers his parents falling from the cliff to their deaths, after losing control of the recreational vehicle. Despite having an ethical dilemma, Foley accompanies Shawn. After days of educating survival, they forgive each other. After Foley dies, Shawn travels alone in order to leave the forest and return home.