My Wrongs #8245–8249 & 117

My Wrongs #8245–8249 & 117

My Wrongs #8245–8249 & 117 is a 2002 British short film written and directed by Chris Morris, starring Paddy Considine as a mentally disturbed man taking care of a friend's Doberman Pinscher (named Rothko, and voiced by Morris) while she is away. The dog talks to him and convinces him that he is on trial for everything he has done wrong in his life, and the dog is his lawyer.


The protagonist (Paddy Considine) is a man tasked with looking after his friend Imogen's house, and is instructed to take her dog Rothko for walks, but not to let him off the leash. After putting Imogen's keys through the mail slot in her door (so they do not get lost), the man ensures that he will not lose Rothko by tying the dog's leash around his own neck. Rothko leads him to a park, where he viciously attacks and kills a duck in front of onlookers. As they shout at the man, Rothko (Chris Morris) begins to speak to him, taunting him.

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    director Chris Morris
    editor Billy Sneddon
    keywords baby cheat christen church fly joke little girls run away taunt
    musicBy Richard Hawley
    producer Mark Herbert
    publisher Warp Films
    theme short