Glassland is a 2014 Irish drama film written and directed by Gerard Barrett in his second feature, following Pilgrim Hill. The film stars Jack Reynor as a young man who tries to help his mother (Toni Collette) with her alcoholism.


John is a cash-strapped taxi driver in Dublin, who lives with his mother, Jean, who is drinking herself to death. He finds her comatose in her own vomit and drives her to the hospital where she recuperates until her next bout of drunkenness. John spends his time trying to get more work driving, hanging out with his one mate, arguing with his mother about alcohol, taxiing prostitutes, and palling with his younger brother, who has Down syndrome and lives in a home with other disabled kids. John rids his house of alcohol and tries to convince his mother to stop drinking but she screams at him and smashes the plates as he impassively videos her rampage.