Panic is a 2000 American crime film directed by Henry Bromell and starring William H. Macy, Neve Campbell, Tracey Ullman, John Ritter, and Donald Sutherland.


Alex (Macy), a sad-eyed mournful man, lives a double life: he is married with a day job, and is a professional hitman. Trained by his father Michael (Sutherland) from youth, Alex is dissatisfied with his work and wishes to leave the business behind. He goes into psychotherapy disclosing that he is a hit man and also tells Dr. Josh Parks (Ritter), his psychologist, after a few sessions that he is attracted to a young woman he has met in the waiting room. She is Sarah (Campbell), 23, quick, edgy, and perhaps attracted to him as well, but he is married, so Sarah brushes him off.