Equilibrium is a 2002 American science fiction action film written and directed by Kurt Wimmer, and starring Christian Bale, Emily Watson, and Taye Diggs.


Libria, a totalitarian city-state, was established by the survivors of World War III. In Libria, all emotions and emotionally stimulating objects, blamed for causing the war, have been forbidden. Those in violation are labelled "sense offenders" and are put to death. The population suppresses emotions with a daily injection of a drug called Prozium II. Libria is governed by the Tetragrammaton Council, led by "Father", who communicates propaganda through giant video screens throughout the city. At the pinnacle of Librian law enforcement are the Grammaton Clerics, trained in the martial art of gun kata. Clerics frequently raid properties in the city and the "Nether" – regions outside the city limits – to search for and destroy illegal materials (art, literature and music) and execute the people hiding them. A resistance movement, known as the "Underground", emerges to topple Father and the Tetragrammaton Council.