Malappuram Haji Mahanaya Joji

Malappuram Haji Mahanaya Joji

Malappuram Haji Mahanaya Joji is a 1994 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film directed by Thulasidas, and starring Mukesh, Siddique, Madhu, Jagathy Sreekumar, and Maathu.


Kunjalikutty (Siddique) gets both a visa to Dubai and a job offer at a school managed by his father's friend, Malappuram Hajiyar (Madhu) in Malappuram at the same time. His father refuses to let him go to Dubai and wants him to take the teaching job. So Kunjalikutty sends his friend Joji (Mukesh), a handsome and well-educated Hindu, in his place to the school, and goes to Dubai without his parents knowledge.


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    director Thulasidas
    editor G. Murali
    genre comedy
    keywords dubai malappuram strict father teach
    musicBy Johnson
    producer Babu Majeed
    productionCompany Shine Productions