Resistance is a 2011 Welsh film directed by Amit Gupta and starring Andrea Riseborough, Tom Wlaschiha and Michael Sheen. It is based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Owen Sheers. The film takes place in an alternative reality in which Germany invades the United Kingdom during World War II.


After all the women in a remote valley on the Welsh border awaken to find their husbands have left to serve in the covert British Resistance, German occupiers arrive in the alternative reality thriller set in 1944 in which D-Day has failed and the United Kingdom has been invaded successfully by Germany. Facing a harsh winter, the women and soldiers find they must co-operate to survive, but each distrusts the others. The women want to remain loyal to their absent husbands, the soldiers are at war and the women are their enemy. Over time, the soldiers stop wearing their uniforms. The Germans help with farm chores or may leave a couple of shot rabbits on a porch. The Germans think the war may be over soon and want to take advantage of spending the winter away from war.