Satanic is a 2006 American horror film directed by Dan Golden and starring Annie Sorell, Jeffrey Combs, Angus Scrimm and James Russo.


The powers of darkness converge to claim the soul of a young girl who may have made a deal with the devil, who has come to collect. As a result of a devastating car accident that claims the life of her father, Michelle wakes up in a hospital in a state of amnesia—and her face is completely destroyed from the crash. With no recollection of the supernatural events before the accident that took her father, she has to figure out why people around her are mysteriously dying; she must try to remember if she has any chance of saving herself and her loved ones from this dark force. After her doctor perfectly reconstructs her face using family pictures as a guide, Michelle is discharged from the hospital and sent to a home that lodges young offenders, as she was deemed a delinquent before the car crash. On the very day she leaves the hospital, the janitor is murdered.