The Joan of Arc of Loos

The Joan of Arc of Loos

The Joan of Arc of Loos is a 1916 Australian silent film shot by Franklyn Barrett based on the true story of Émilienne Moreau-Evrard in World War I. Only a portion of the movie survives today.


The story is told in five acts. In 1915, German troops led by Captain von Epstein capture the peaceful town of Loos and start committing atrocities on the local population. Von Epstein lusts after a young peasant girl, Émilienne Moreau (Jane King), but she escapes to the Allied lines. Inspired by the vision of Joan of Arc (Jean Robertson), she helps encourage the Allied troops in an attack to retake the town. She falls for a French dispatch rider (Clive Farnham) who is captured by the Germans and takes part in shooting German officers who are sniping on the Red Cross. Emilienne manages to engineer her lover's escape and winds up married to them. She is also awarded a military cross.