Schatten über den Inseln

Schatten über den Inseln (English-language title: Shadow Over The Islands) is an East German black-and-white film, directed by Otto Meyer. It was released in 1952.


In a small village on the Faroe Islands, the people's only source of income is trapping a local breed of wild birds. The corrupt capitalist Mr. Brause exploits the locals, forcing them to work for a low wage while selling the birds with a high profit. A disease strikes the village, and many inhabitants become ill. A local physician, Dr. Stefan Horn, discovers that the source of the sickness is the birds. He sends a telegram to a medical research institute in Copenhagen. The scientists in the capital corroborate his suspicions. Brause destroys their letter and tells the villagers that they can continue with their trade. Eventually, Stefan and his cousin, Arne, manage to expose the truth before the people. Brause flees the islands.

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    contentLocation Denmark
    director Otto Meyer
    editor Hildegard Tegener
    keywords copenhagen faroe islands medical research small village
    musicBy Herbert Trantow
    producer Walter Lehmann
    productionCompany DEFA
    publisher Progress Film