Sundarakanda is a 2008 Indian Telugu-language drama film directed by Bapu, starring Allari Naresh and Charmme Kaur. The story is provided by Mullapudi Ramana and music by Vidyasagar. This film is the remake of Hollywood film What a Girl wants (2003).


Pinky (Charmi) is the daughter of Sita (Prema), who keeps away from her husband. On Pinky's insistence, Sita reveals the past. She met Raja Ravivarma (Sunil Sharma), the son of Zamindar Surendra Varma (Ranganath) on a study tour of a tribal village. They fell in love and got married then and there. His son's marriage with Sita, a commoner, gave such a shock to Surendra Varma that he lost the use of his legs. Ravivarma's mother Bharati (Sangeetha) pleaded with Sita to leave the palace to save the family honor. After Sita left, Bhushanam (Vizag Prasad), Surendra Varma's brother-in-law, raises a hue and cry that Sita stole gold ornaments from the palace and escaped. Being so discredited even in the eyes of her love and husband, she stayed away.