Gangster Ka is a 2015 Czech action thriller directed by Jan Pachl that is split into two parts: Gangster Ka (released September 10, 2015) and Gangster Ka: African (released November 26, 2015). It stars Hynek Čermák as Radim Kraviec, a fictionalised version of Radovan Krejčíř. The film is based on the novel Padrino Krejčíř by Jaroslav Kmenta, whose works previously served as a basis for a similar film, Story of a Godfather.


The first part of the film follows Káčko during his criminal career in the Czech Republic. Káčko is a gangster in Ostrava who is known for shooting his rivals in the leg instead of killing them. He decides that Ostrava is too small for him and leaves for Prague. The Prague criminal world is dominated by Milota and Sivák, and Káčko starts a business with them, stealing 260 million crowns from them in the process. Káčko gains more influence and earns millions of crowns through various frauds and plans to overtake the Čepro company, which owns all fuel resources in the country. The plan fails when he is betrayed by one of his associates. Káčko is arrested and taken in custody awaiting trial. Milota and Sivák try to steal money from Káčko's accounts, but fail because Káčko gave the pin codes to his father and account numbers to his pregnant wife Sandra. His father dies during torture but does not give up the codes. Sandra, who was abducted by Sivák, is released but loses the baby as a result of the abduction. Káčko is released from custody because of an investigator's murder and his lawyer. He leaves the prison to get revenge on Milota. Káčko decides to spare Sivák because he was only obeying Milota's orders, and gives him a list of people he is supposed to murder. Sivák kills people on the list one by one, and gains the nickname "Butcher". Klein tries to negotiate more money from Káčko, only for the latter to threaten to destroy him if he does not obey. Klein is scared and asks Milota for help, as he has materials that can be used for evidence of Káčko's crimes. He gives the material to Lánský, an investigator, who wants to arrest Káčko. The police raid Káčko's mansion and arrest him, but he escapes when he asks to use the toilet and flees from the Czech Republic. Milota is murdered on Klein's orders.