Me and Will is a 1999 road drama film directed by Melissa Behr and Sherrie Rose. It is also written by Melissa Behr and Sherrie Rose. It stars Sherrie Rose, Melissa Behr, Patrick Dempsey, Seymour Cassel, Grace Zabriskie, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Wirth, Johnny Whitworth, John Enos III, and Julie McCullough. It was produced by Melissa Behr, Sherrie Rose, Pierre David, Joey Forsyte, Jason Hall, Gary Kohn, and Vesco Razpopov. The music was done by the musician Shark.


Jane (Rose) and Will (Behr) are familiar faces to the Los Angeles club scene. They meet at a drug rehab after Will smashes her motorcycle while stoned and Jane overdosed. They easily connect and escape the clinic to go to Montana and find the red, white, and blue bike from Easy Rider. In the movie, the characters let their histories and flashbacks cause them emotional pain.