Kuselan is a 2008 Indian Tamil-language dramedy film directed by P. Vasu. A remake of the Malayalam film Kadha Parayumbol (2007), it was produced by Pushpa Kandaswamy, Aswani Dutt and G. P. Vijayakumar in two languages. Kuselan stars Pasupathy and Meena, with Vadivelu and Livingston in supporting roles. The film was simultaneously made in Telugu as Kathanayakudu.


The emotional tale, the story is about two childhood friends Balakrishnan (Pasupathy) and Ashok Kumar (Rajinikanth). Balan does not stop at anything to make his friend feel happy. As time passes by, they take different paths, and Balan becomes a barber in a small village called Maraiyur. He marries Devi (Meena) and has three children and leads a happy and a clean life. However, his finances are dry and he is often led to the door of Kuppusamy (Livingston), the financier. On the other hand, Balan has tough competition from the more smart and clever "Saloon Kadai" Shanmugam (Vadivelu), who has a saloon right opposite to his shop. Balan is a man with self-respect and honesty. His life continues to roll until one day there is news that a film shooting is going to happen in a place near their village and the hero of the film is Superstar Ashok Kumar. The news spreads like wildfire and Balan knows this but hesitates to show himself as a friend of Ashok Kumar. On the other hand, folks around get to know the friendship of Balan and Ashok Kumar and in this process, those who have been ridiculing him start doing favors for him only with the intention of meeting Ashok Kumar or at least watching him from outside. But hesitant Balan is unable to do what they want and soon people start shunning him, and even his own children start showing anger towards him. But then Ashok Kumar gives a speech at the school where Balan's kids study about his past. It is revealed that Ashok Kumar is in fact the son of Raj Kumar, a poor labourer and he lived off Balan's money until the latter realized his talent in acting and sent him to Madras, where he became a superstar. Balan hears the whole speech and goes home with tears where even Ashok Kumar has arrived and they both meet, he tells him that Balan and his family will stay with from on, where first Balan resists initially and accepts via the love of Ashok.