The Last Killer

The Last Killer

The Last Killer (a.k.a. Django the Last Killer) is a 1967 spaghetti western movie starring George Eastman and Anthony Ghidra.


Ramon's father has a small farm and like all the other poor farmers around, he owes money to a rich rancher, landgrabber John Barrett. Ramon embarks to deliver the due money to Barrett but along the way he is ambushed, robbed and beaten unconscious. As soon as he can, he gets to Barrett after all. Begging Barrett for more time, he recognises one of the robbers among Barrett's employees. He thinks Barrett will help him now, only Barrett doesn't. Instead Ramon is tortured until he can escape. Before he arrives at home his family is already dead, killed at Barrett's behest. Ramon, determined to put Barrett down, takes up training as a gunman.

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    director Giuseppe Vari
    editor Giuseppe Vari
    genre western
    keywords ambush beg kill train
    musicBy Roberto Pregadio
    producer Sergio Garrone
    theme spaghetti western