Seconds Apart

Seconds Apart is a 2011 American horror film directed by Antonio Negret and starring Orlando Jones, Edmund Entin, and Gary Entin.


Four friends are seen at a high school house party drinking and gossiping in a private room. Their fun is cut short when a pair of identical twin brothers - classmates of the friends - enter the room with a video camera. The twins force the friends to play Russian roulette, the game ending only when all four friends are dead. The next day, Detective Lampkin launches an investigation. He interviews classmates of the dead boys, and one student named Katie mentions having seen the twins, Jonah and Seth Trimble, at the party. It is revealed that the twins had once forced Katie to have sex with another boy on camera. Lampkin summons the twins for interrogation, but they maintain their innocence. It is also revealed that Lampkin is a haunted man, traumatized by his inability to save his beloved wife from a house fire.