Chispita (English title: Little Spark) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Valentín Pimstein for Televisa in 1982. It's an original story by Abel Santa Cruz, the telenovela is a remake of the 1979 Argentinean telenovela Andrea Celeste.


María Luisa and her husband had terrible car accident, her husband dies and she lost her memory completely and she is not able to remember anything at all. Because of this incident, María Luisa forgot that she had a daughter, Isabel, who became an orphan and was therefore taken to the orphanage of Father Eugenio, where Isabel begins to live on and grow. When Isabel is 10 years old, she was adopted by Don Alejandro, a respectable man, widower and with 2 children, Juan Carlos y Lilí.


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    director Pedro Damián
    keywords adopt car accident to remember
    publisher Canal de las Estrellas Televisa