The Whispering Shadow

The Whispering Shadow

The Whispering Shadow is a 1933 American pre-Code mystery serial film directed by Colbert Clark and Albert Herman and starring Béla Lugosi in his first of five serial roles. Lugosi received $10,000, the highest known salary of his career, for this film. The serial was filmed in 12 days and was the last role for actor Karl Dane.


The Shadow in The Whispering Shadow is an underworld mastermind. He has invented a device that allows him to kill by radio control. He, along with several other persons, seeks the Czar's jewels. The series is notable for the constant false clues and decoy actions that make nearly everybody a suspect.


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    director Colbert Clark
    genre mystery
    keywords shadow whisper
    musicBy Lee Zahler
    publisher Mascot Pictures