Helen the Baby Fox

Helen the Baby Fox

is a 2006 Japanese film. It was directed by director Keita Kono, and stars actors Takao Osawa, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Arashi Fukasawa and Ryoko Kobayashi in lead roles. It was released in Japanese cinemas on 18 March 2006.


Leaving school for the day, seven-year-old Taichi finds a baby fox, abandoned by her mother alongside a road in rural Hokkaido. The two bond and Taichi decides to leave the cub with the police as a lost item. The policeman on duty takes a reluctant Taichi and the cub to the local Yajima Veterinary Clinic. It turns out that Taichi has begun to live with Ko, the vet, and his teenage daughter Misuzu after his free-spirited mother Ritsuko has gone to Micronesia to work as a photographer. Many people have abandoned animals with Ko, and paying customers are few with most of his income coming from frequently boarding a friendly dog that is almost part of the family. Taichi feels abandoned as well, and clashes with Ko when the vet sees the new arrival as a burden, especially after discovering that the cub is deaf and blind. However, Taichi names her Helen after Helen Keller and attempts to bring her back to full health while teaching her about the world as sort of a young Annie Sullivan. Even though Taichi gets her to eat, Helen suffers increasing fits stemming from her brain, which is the result of a tumor.

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    director Keita Kōno
    editor Takuya Taguchi
    keywords abandon discover leaving school teach teenage daughter
    musicBy Yukie Nishimura
    producer Takeo Hisamatsu
    publisher Shochiku
    theme japanese