The Fabulous Udin

The Fabulous Udin

The Fabulous Udin is a 2016 Indonesian film directed by Herdanious Larobu as well as starred Ajil Ditto, Bella Graceva Amanda Putri, Aldy Rialdy Indrawan, Difa Ryansyah, Zulfa Maharani Putri, Raza Adhanzio, Musdalifah Basri, Lidya Kandou, Fandy Christian, and Ussy Sulistiawaty. The movie was adapted from a novel with same name by Rons Imawan.


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    director Herdanius Larobu
    editor Cesa David Luckmansyah
    genre drama
    musicBy The Overtunes
    producer Chand Parwez Servia Fiaz Servia
    productionCompany Starvision Plus
    publisher Starvision Plus