The Tigers

The Tigers is a 1991 Hong Kong action thriller film directed by Eric Tsang, and starring Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Kent Tong, who were the Five Tiger Generals of TVB in the 1980s. It is a film adaptation of the 1984 TVB serial, Rise and Fall of a Stand-In which featured the film's stars Miu and Tong.


Veteran CID inspector Lam Fong-tin of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force leads his squad consisting of sergeants Lau Chi-ming, (nicknamed Thief), Dandruff, Pong and Wah to bust the firearms smuggler Sha-pei. Through interrogation, Sha-pei tips the squad about an upcoming drug trade between triad leaders Wai and Chiuchow Ping. During the operation at the ship yard to bust their deal, Wai was arrested, but Tin was shocked to discover his brother-in-law, Fong Heung-tung, working for Wai. Tung pleads Tin to let him go and leaves him a briefcase of HK$10 million cash before fleeing by jumping into the water. However, Thief and Dandruff take the money instead of reporting it as evidence and plan to share it with the rest of the squad, but Pong furiously refuses his share due to his upright morals and berates the two. Thief promises to bear full responsibility if anything goes wrong.