Set the Thames on Fire

Set the Thames on Fire is a 2015 British science fiction fantasy comedy-drama film directed by Ben Charles Edwards in his directorial debut, based on characters created by Al Joshua. The film stars Michael Winder and Max Bennett, alongside an ensemble cast featuring Noel Fielding, Sadie Frost, Sally Phillips, David Hoyle, and Lily Loveless. Its title is a reference to a line in the song"Anywhere I Lay My Head" byTom Waits.


Art is a down-on-his-luck lowlife pianist, whose life has stalled in a grief filled frozen moment – shipwrecked on the lonesome shore of his own life. Sal is a cracked pinball machine; full of energy, light and fun but out of control and dangerously chaotic. Having escaped from Bedlam Psychiatric Hospital, Sal is an easy-going, sweet natured imp of the perverse and agent of trouble.