The Birds is a 1963 American natural horror-thriller film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Loosely based on the 1952 short story of the same name by Daphne du Maurier, it focuses on a series of sudden and unexplained violent bird attacks on the people of Bodega Bay, California, over the course of a few days.


At a San Francisco pet store, socialite Melanie Daniels meets lawyer Mitch Brenner, who is looking to buy lovebirds for his sister Cathy's 11th birthday. Recognizing Melanie from her court appearance regarding a practical joke gone awry, Mitch pretends to mistake her for a shop employee. Mitch tests Melanie's knowledge of birds, which she fails. He discloses his prior knowledge of her and that his ruse was intended to make her appreciate being on the other end of a joke. Mitch leaves without buying anything. Melanie buys the lovebirds to make amends and drives to Bodega Bay after she learns Mitch has gone to his family's farm for the weekend. Melanie is directed to the local teacher at Bodega, Annie Hayworth, to learn Cathy's name. Annie previously dated Mitch but ended it due to Mitch's cold, overbearing mother, Lydia, who dislikes any woman in Mitch's life.