Tera Intezaar

Tera Intezaar

Tera Intezaar is a 2017 Indian supernatural-romantic drama film directed by Raajeev Walia. It is produced by Aman Mehta and Bijal Mehta.The movie turned out to be a disaster in box office.


This film depicts the story of a successful exhibitionist who falls in love with a gifted yet unearthed painter. Her life takes a jeopardy when four of his clients want a painting from her lover to which he does not agree. Then her lover goes missing suddenly. Now she has to find her love and those guys want that painting at any cost. This forms the rest of the story.

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    contentLocation Mumbai
    director Raajeev Walia
    editor Raajeev Walia
    genre drama
    keywords gift paint
    musicBy Raaj Aashoo
    producer Aman Mehta Bijal Mehta
    productionCompany Bageshree Films
    publisher Phantom India
    theme musical drama romantic drama romantic musical