Government Agents vs Phantom Legion

Government Agents vs Phantom Legion

Government Agents vs Phantom Legion (1951) is a 12-chapter American black-and-white film serial produced and distributed by Republic Pictures Corporation in 1951. It is an original, studio-commissioned screenplay by Ronald Davidson, produced by Franklin Adreon and directed by Fred C. Brannon, and presents a combined international intrigue–action genres story involving interstate shipments of products critical to national security being hijacked by a gang of foreign agents.


Two U.S. government agents, Hal Duncan and Sam Bradley, must prevent agents of a foreign power, led by Regan and Cady, from hijacking trucks and stealing defense materials being transported by truck. They are hired by an interstate trucking association whose constituent truck lines have been principal targets of the hijacking, and it becomes evident that one of the four directors of the association — Armstrong, Crandall, Thompson or Willard — is "the Voice", the secret leader of the gang who provides them with shipment and route information necessary for the gang's successes.

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    director Fred C. Brannon
    editor Cliff Bell
    genre action
    keywords government agents hijack steal truck voice
    musicBy Stanley Wilson
    producer Franklin Adreon
    publisher Republic Pictures
    theme spy