Morgen hör ich auf

Morgen hör ich auf is a German television series that premiered on January 2, 2016 on ZDF.


The Lehmanns are a German average family - three children, houses, car - and live in the small town of Bad Nauheim in Hesse, near Frankfurt. What looks like a showpiece family from the outside shows strong internal cracks, just like the broken house roof and the water damage in the bedroom. The family printing is deep in the crisis, the credit on the house has long been at the stop, and father Jochen (Bastian Pastewka) threatens to collapse under the financial pressure. Mother Julia (Susanne Wolff) is having fun with a lover, son Vincent (Moritz Jahn) is a nerd, teenage daughter Laura (Janina Fautz) only has her "crush" in her head, and baby nestling Nadine (Katharina Kron) is rather a small one devil than the cute sunshine for which they hold their parents.