Interrabang is a 1969 Italian giallo film directed by Giuliano Biagetti, starring Haydee Politoff and Beba Lončar. The title refers to the "Interrobang" (‽), a punctuation mark that combines a question mark and an exclamation mark, which appears on a necklace worn by the character Valeria throughout the film.


One summer day, famous fashion photographer Fabrizio sails to a Mediterranean small island for a shoot, accompanied by his business partner wife Anna, Israeli model Maregalit, and Anna's sister Valeria. A radio news bulletin reports that an escaped convict has murdered a policeman and is still on the run. The group discover that their boat has run out of fuel, and Fabrizio hitches a ride on a passing speedboat to return to the mainland in order to get a petrol can. So, the three women are left to explore the island and meet a mysterious man, Marco, who affirms to be a writer. They also discover the corpse of a policeman, which then disappears.