The Silent Watcher

The Silent Watcher

The Silent Watcher is a lost 1924 American silent melodrama film directed by Frank Lloyd. It stars Glenn Hunter and Bessie Love. It was produced by Frank Lloyd Productions/First National and distributed by First National Pictures. It was based on the story "The Altar on the Hill" by Mary Roberts Rinehart.


A lawyer (Bosworth) running for Congress decides to end his relationship with a showgirl (Bennett), so that he will be more presentable candidate. When the showgirl commits suicide, the police arrest the lawyer for murder. The lawyer's young secretary (Hunter) decides to take the blame for his employer by saying that he was the one in a relationship with the showgirl. However, this upsets his new bride (Love), who leaves him. The secretary is cleared of guilt when the truth of the showgirl's death is made known, but decides to commit suicide himself because he no longer has the woman he loves. As a final act of love, he cleans their home, when he is interrupted by her return, and the news that his former employer has been elected to Congress.

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    director Frank Lloyd
    editor Edward M. Roskam
    genre drama
    keywords police arrest run
    productionCompany Frank Lloyd Productions
    publisher First National Pictures
    theme melodrama