The Rough and the Smooth

The Rough and the Smooth (alternative title: Portrait of a Sinner) is a 1959 British drama film directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Nadja Tiller, Tony Britton, William Bendix and Natasha Parry. The screenplay concerns an archaeologist who has an affair with a German woman, putting his engagement to another woman in jeopardy.


In late 1950s London an upper-class archeologist Mike Thompson (Tony Britton) by chance meets a mysterious German woman Ila Hansen (Nadja Tiller) in a bar; later they share a taxi and he takes her back to the house where

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    contentLocation London
    director Robert Siodmak
    editor Gordon Pilkington
    genre drama
    keywords love affair
    musicBy Douglas Gamley
    producer George Minter
    productionCompany George Minter Productions
    publisher Renown Pictures