Power 98

Power 98 is a 1996 low-budget American thriller film written and directed by Jaime Hellman.


Karlin Pickett is a successful disc jockey working for KPHX. Because of his lack of shyness and boundaries, he gains a lot of fans and has no trouble with flirting with women. Vivian Porter, his latest date, accidentally falls to her death following a fight with him. Following the accident, he moves to Los Angeles, where he starts to work at a radio station called KOZY, owned by Rick Harris. There, he meets Jon Price, an aspiring disc jockey waiting for his big break. Jon is in a relationship with Sharon Penn, a young woman who is working as a lawyer. Soon, Karlin shocks his colleagues and audience with his sexual conversations on air. He befriends Jon and offers him a spot as his co-host.